Hi. and thanks for visiting my Review site.

If you would like to know what qualifies me to write about this subject, then I guess there are a lot of reasons that contribute to someone knowing a subject, but maybe the quickest way to summarize is to say that for eighteen years I was the boss of an import export company, and my role as head buyer took me around the world assessing a huge variety of products.  For value as well as quality, and yes, included in there were binoculars.

Before ordering a shipment of products, you have to review products thoroughly ( and make commercial judgements too) so I guess that in itself qualifies me as a product reviewer, without going in to my personal boating, birding, walking interests.

By the way, you may wonder if all of my buying decisions were good ones.  Well any buyer that tells you he never made a mistake is a bald faced liar, or brand new to the job.  But I do bring my hard earned experience to Review Binoculars which assists me with carrying out performance comparisons of binoculars.  I hope you find it helpful.