Is there any nintendo 3ds emulator working?

By dumalexandru, Apr 23 2017 10:36PM

Is our 3DS 3 Emulator free?

All In One team after hard work and dedication managed to create the first working 3DS Emulator. We are providing the 3DS 3 emulator to our visitors for free! The only thing you have to do, which may be annoying for you is to complete one short offer, by submitting your email or download some applications (which you can delete after you download the 3ds Emulator). By completing those offers we are getting paid from our sponsors and we will keep updating you with more emulators for both windows and Mac. So actually our 3DS Emulator is free for you, you will have to pay it with your time as those offers take few minutes to be completed.

Is 3DS Emulator safe to use?

Our 3DS Emulator is 100% safe to use. First of all we provide you the tool in zip format so you can scan it before you use it. By downloading our 3DS 3 Emulator there is no chance of getting a virus. If we wanted to infect you with a virus, there will be no point of inserting it in our 3DS Emulator, we could just insert it in our website! So do not waste your time and download the All In One 3DS Emulator.

Why do I need a Emulator?

3DS Emulator is a next generation tool which allows you to play every of 3DS 3 console for free. We understand that the cost of 3DS console is too high, especially the games, which cost a lot of times up to 100 euros. So the 3DS 3 Emulator gives the chance to everyone to have the 3DS console in his PC! Furthemore, you can enjoy 3DS Games in High Quality just by clicking fullscreen in our 3DS Emulator.

Emulator 3ds features!

Our 3DS 3 Emulator has a lot of futures that are going to make your gaming more enjoyable. First of all, 3DS Emulator is giving you the chance to change game controls through the tool! All the old emulators for older consoles had not this option. So this was making your life harder. With our control options you can customize your keyboard controls. For instance if you want your player to run with shift, you go in the game's options and you can see that R1 is for running. Then you just click on 3DS Emulator "Control Settings" and you adjust R1 Button with whichever button from keyboard you want! Moreover, in our 3DS Emulator there is a fullscreen option. This option is first time implemented in our 3DS Emulator and will allow you to play games in Fullscreen, like playing in a TV! The best feature of the 3DS Emulator is that you can play games with your PC controller. You can buy one controller for 15 euros, but it will make gaming much more better. So just imagine, fullscreen and controller.. It's like having the real console! Those are the best 3DS Emulator's features. We will be updating the emulator frequently.

How to run the Emulator and where to download games?

It is pretty simple to run our 3ds emulator for pc and android . Just be sure that you do not extract it from the zip file, or if you extract it, make sure to extract all files inside. You can watch our video tutorial in the top of the site if you want to learn how to use our Emulator. It is pretty easy to download games, there are a lot of websites offering them for free (piratebay,isohunt,kickasstorrents), but I suggest you download games in Blu Ray. For Blu Ray games I suggest you gamestorrents.com , they have everything you need in High Quality. Hope you enjoy gaming with our 3DS Emulator!

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